Drone-Based Humanitarian Aid


Enord has the ability and the aerial tools to provide accurate, up-to-date information for better decision making in emergency response/disaster events.

When disaster strikes, you need accurate and detailed data quickly. By flying over an affected area, drones can provide a virtually instant overview of disaster damage and potential needs – safely, and without interfering with ongoing rescue operations.

Our rotary quad copter drones are equipped with high definition cameras that are capable of streaming invaluable data back to a ground station, in real-time. This could, for example, allow your team to reach its target location by seeing beyond that tree blocking your route, or beyond the collapsed hillside.

Once on site, we can then employ a fixed-wing mapping drone to capture aerial data and create an up-to-date orthophoto, allowing you to quickly assess all the damage and decide where to prioritize your resources.

What’s more, by distributing copies of this aerial data– e.g. via an OCHA coordination centre – you can ensure every aid worker is working from the same accurate geo-information.

If you know when disaster will strike – e.g. prior to a hurricane or typhoon hitting landfall – then a quick, timely drone survey can ensure accurate pre-/post-event reporting, recording the destruction caused and/or being used to substantiate future insurance claims.


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