Drone-Based Mining Inspections


Enord is an industry leader in using drone mapping technology to collect data in place of traditional surveying instruments.

Our methods of collecting survey data using UAVs dramatically reduces the time taken for traditional surveying methods. With our streamlined data collation and delivery processes, we provide a cost effective and safe method of obtaining high quality aerial mapping and topographic survey data.

Those in mining industry know that worker safety is of paramount importance.  Our team of aerial survey experts can collect accurate spatial data from above utilizing the latest in drone or unmanned aerial systems technology.  Drone-based data collection can boost productivity; surveying projects that once took days or weeks using traditional surveying techniques are now possible in just a few hours. Plus, thanks to a drone’s ability to collect data from above, there is no downtime required while surveyors move around a pit, as can be the case when using terrestrial surveying instruments.

By using uav mapping, it can vastly reduce risk by minimizing the time staff spends on site with explosives and on unstable routes along the mined areas. With fewer man hours required to produce large, accurate data sets, there is no need for externally-sourced imagery, ultimately resulting in reduced operating costs.



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Our Postflight Terra 3D Professional photogrammetry software

will transform aerial imagery into 2D orthomosaics and 3D models with centimeter-level accuracy.